Smart Service Robot

Smart Service Robot

  • Smart

    Application of world-leading AI technology

    deep learning,computer vision,intelligent voice,automatic navigation and localization

  • Platform

    Open robot software & hardware platforms,open API interface&SDK

  •  Customized

    Fast realization of customized services in various industry

The Upper-ground Floor& Reception

Including an intelligent voice interaction,facial recognition technology,interaction through expression action,direction guidance and knowledge quiz.

  • Intelligent voice Interaction
  • Facial Recognition
  • Knowledge
  • Direction guidance
  • Action interaction

The Guided Exhibits

Including autonomous mobile, knowledge of fixed-point and presentation of information.

Security Monitoring System

Including panoramic video surveillance system of 360-degree, independent patrol, alert awareness of AI.

  • Panoramic Video Surveillance System of 360-Degree

  • Independent Patrol

  • Alert Awareness of AI

Customized Scenarios

Open API and the depth of customization allows a third party to access the service robot system to build a perfect ecosystem.
IoT intelligent hardware unified control,connect more intelligent devices and voice managed devices.
Business requirements can be based on service scenario to achieve a rapid customization.

  • IoT Unification Control
  • Open API
  • Customization