Smart Visitor Registration Robot

Smart Visitor Registration Robot

  • .  Smart

    Supports a variety of certificate authentication methods such as ID card and passport,obtains the certificate portrait

    Verify that the ID photo is consistent with the holder,and the authenticity of the second generation ID card.

  • Auto

    Automatically judge the type,name,certificate number,gender and other information,customize the visitor information template 

    such as information,visits,source companies,visitors can quickly complete the operation through voice prompts and interface operation guidelines.

  • Remote

    Internal staff and business managers can use Wechat, Mobile App and Web management softwares to visit 

    visitors remotely and apply for authorized visitor access rights.

Enrolled in Self-Help Visitors

Information gathered about visitors,verify whether the person match the photo on the App,directing the place,audited at the remote.

  • Information Colleting
  • Remote Verify
  • Voice Guide
  • Identity Verify

AI of Push Information

Accurately Push Notification.


DMS in the Cloud

Personalized procedure& visitor information ,visitor data synchronised in the cloud.

  • Procedure
  • Customization
  • Synchronization