Smart Facial Recognition Robot

Smart Facial Recognition Robot

  •  Identify

    Image recognition equipment includes core functions such as field image acquisition,core face recognition module,camera control,

    gate control,language broadcast control,local management of face features and active data,as well as hardware and virtualization.

  •  Cloud

    Cloud data processing and analysis platform is responsible for coordinating the synchronization and storage of multi-device face feature database,

     personnel activities and other data cloud,ensuring real-time updating of local data.At the same time,it provides data statistics and analysis functions.

  •  Remote

    The remote management software provides the management and operation of internal staff, visitors and equipment, and provides

    real-time visualized data and statistical report display to help customers grasp the access situation in real time and make scientific decisions.


Approving information,accurate judgement.

  • Approval
  • Distinguish
  • Protection
  • VIP Strict
  • Smart-Eye

Gate Control

Seamlessly connects with existing sentry control 

with facial recognition function

  • Seamless Convertion

  • Identify and Release

Intelligent Monitoring

Real-time video frequency monitoring,the robot sound an alarm when it see the suspects.

  • Monitoring
  • Alarm
  • Safety

Welcome to the world of Smarteye

Facial recognition robot, accurately recognizes visitor, cross-check information, VIP access control, offers safety protection, seemlessly connects to the existing sentry control, reacts to abnormal scenarios