IIM showcased at 2nd International Property Management Industry Expo


The second International Property Management Industry Expo, held by China Property Management Institute, took place in Shenzhen on Oct 15 to 17, 2018.This Expo is centered around the theme of “integrated development, create a beautiful future together”.Developers, property management companies, suppliers and service providers from over 120 countries attended this Expo.


IIM, aiming at providing intelligent solution for conventional property management industry using world-leading AI technolog, presented its latest innovations on AI-enabled property management at the Expo.Leveraging its comprehensive R&D pipeline, IIM provided simulated use cases to vividly showcase its brand new conceptions on renovating property management.


As the next round of smart city arises, times has come for intelligent property management. IIM focused on presenting AI-centered integrated solutions for property management at the expo, aiming to push the property management revolution based on world-leading technology.


The integrated solution is a complete product set servicing property management scenarios based on leading detection, calibration, filtering, recognition algorithms.5 robots, including smart service robot, smart vision gate sentry robot, facial recognition robot, visitor registration robot and info service robot, are applied to revolutionize visitor management, visual gate sentry, guest reception, security monitor and big data centralized management scenarios.


In order for participants to better experience the security and convenience of this system, IIM simulated various property management scenarios in T23C Expo district. Participants can fully experimence the process of register, get through the gate with facial recognition, greeted by front desk, security monitor and backend big data management.


Because of its outstanding performance at Expo, IIM was also awarded “Best organization at the Second International Property Management Product Expo” by the host.


International Intelligent Machines Co., Ltd (IIM Co., Ltd), founded in 2015, is a world leading

 AI hi-tech company, focusing on R&D of industrial smart service robots. Headquatered at 

the most important harbor on‘Maritime Silk Road’Shenzhen, at the Hong-Kong and 

Guangzhou bay area, IIM also established research and rechnology centers in Singapore, 

Hong-Kong and Belarus. Based on its long-term experience in AI and self-driving 

technology, IIM developed multiple wordclass patents, as well as 5 robotics products with 

wide adoption. It is ones of the very few innovative AI start-ups with complete technology 

chain, scalable product capability, and fast adoption growth. IIM focuses on breaking 

through the last 1 mile of AI application, ranging from a smart building, to an intelligent 

city. The goal is to establish an intelligent product eco-system centered around AI, with 

use cases in various aspects in life.  IIM is actively involved in the ‘The Belt and Road 

Initiative’, highly supported by China and other governments. In 2018, IIM officially 

entered the Belarus Technology Center, as a key member of hi-tech collaboration 

programs between China and Belarus.

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