Focus on intelligent service robots, IIM awarded tens of millions investment


Aug 22, IIM hosted a finance strategy conference named “intelligent connection driving the future” at Beijing. China- Belarus Fund and many world leading scientists were invited. At the conference, IIM announced completion of Round A financing of tens of millions USD. The fund will be used for property management and education intelligent robots development and adoption.


International Intelligent Machines Co., Ltd (IIM Co., Ltd), founded in 2015, is a world leading AI hi-tech company, focusing on R&D of industrial smart service robots. Headquatered at the most important harbor on‘Maritime Silk Road’Shenzhen, at the Hong-Kong and Guangzhou bay area, IIM also established research and rechnology centers in Singapore, Hong-Kong and Belarus. Based on its long-term experience in AI and self-driving technology, IIM developed multiple wordclass patents, as well as 5 robotics products with wide adoption. It is ones of the very few innovative AI start-ups with complete technology chain, scalable product capability, and fast adoption growth. IIM focuses on breaking through the last 1 mile of AI application, ranging from a smart building, to an intelligent city. The goal is to establish an intelligent product eco-system centered around AI, with use cases in various aspects in life. IIM is actively involved in the ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’, highly supported by China and other governments. In 2018, IIM officially entered the Belarus Technology Center, as a key member of hi-tech collaboration programs between China and Belarus.


“IIM’s original goal is to be the Chinese intelligence innovation engine. AI and robotics are at the frontier of technology right now. Adoption of them will definitely significantly boost community’s productivity, and drive development of the society, which matches IIM’s goal” says Zheng Xiaogang, chairman and CEO of IIM.

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